New Year 2015

A Happy New Year!  May 2015 smile on you and yours.

Orkestra Marhaba has a new website!  Neyzen, singer, and queen of usul Shanteri did a wonderful job putting it together.  She included all sorts of great info on the tradition and its instruments:

Ameranouche is playing 3 sets at New Year’s By the Bay in Belfast, ME.  We start around 9 PM and will ring in the New Year.  The ‘Nouche is also in the mixing/mastering/packaging stages of our new record due out in April.

My friend John Hughes has a new record out!  Check it out here: Solo Kora Live from the Streets.

My teacher W. A. Mathieu is constantly releasing new works and recordings: Cold Mountain Music.

I’m glad to have reconnected with saxophonist Joel Press.  What a treat to have him back in Boston!

Besides some holiday gigs and other work, I’ve been so thankful to have had some time for composition.  I hope to bring a batch to the vibration of day in this New Year.